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New Twitter Changes To Character Limit, @Tweets and RTs

Yesterday, Twitter announced upcoming changes which will forever change the way we tweet. Here are the three Twitter changes you need to know.

1. Say more with 140 characters

The following will no longer add towards your character count:
– Replies (@names)
– Media attachments (GIFs, images, videos, quote tweets and polls)

Here’s a great graph that explains these changes:

2. Tweets beginning with @names will now reach all your followers

This means 2 things:
– No more need for [email protected]’s or other creative workarounds
– If you are doing outreach on Twitter (e.g. ‘@medicause check out my new blog’), your entire following will be able to see this in their feeds (!!). If you are going to send a similar message to a bunch of influencers, consider DM’s instead to avoid spamming your following.

3. RT and Quote yourself are back

You will be able to retweet and quote tweet your own tweets.

Or, for you visual learners

Twitter changes

These updates will become available in the next couple of months. Stay tuned for more news by following @MediaCause on Twitter.

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