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Twitter's new character limit

Optimizing Twitter’s New Character Limit

Historically, Twitter is known for its brief captions that initially attracted its massive follower base. Now, on its 11th anniversary, the social platform has decided to make a significant change–doubling...

twitter lead generation cards

5 Smart Ways To Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards

Are you interested in generating more leads or subscribers, so that you can nurture them into members, advocates, and donors? If you aren't familiar with Twitter Lead Generation Cards, you're missing...

Media Cause Twitter

Essential Twitter for Nonprofits Guide

Twitter can be a pretty intimidating platform for nonprofits that aren't active on social media. It can be hard to keep up with all the jargon and the rapid flow...

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Infographic: Best Practices for Nonprofits on Twitter

Whether you're diving into Twitter for the first time or a frequent user, follow these guidelines to ensure your nonprofit is successful in engaging with its supporters on Twitter. More resources...

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