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Keyword Research Made Easy with These 6 Steps

Keyword research is the process of finding the search terms you want to rank for. It is a vital process for reaching your target audience.  The goal of keyword research...

SEO for nonprofits

SEO for Nonprofits: 7 Reasons to Prioritize SEO

SEO often gets overlooked due to time constraints and a general lack of understanding of its importance or how to get started. Nonprofits can especially struggle in this area, as you...

data informed nonprofit marketing

6 Data-Informed Nonprofit Marketing Tips

At Media Cause, we are constantly looking for ways to increase our clients' impact, engagement and reach. Understanding and utilizing data allows our clients to reach the right people, improve...


The Evolution of SEO: A Series for Nonprofits

SEO is Dead. Yes, it’s true. SEO as we know it is "dead-dead-deadski" (80’s movie reference… Google it). This revelation has likely left you scratching your head, asking questions such as: Does...

A Volunteer’s Perspective: Worldwide Community

We are constantly amazed here at Media Cause by the incredibly talented pool of volunteers that generously donate their time and skills to our community of nonprofits. Himanshu Dadhich is one of those community...

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