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Facebook Engagement

Increase Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Engagement With Videos

With 1.44 billion active users, Facebook marketing can be extremely successful for nonprofits. Recently, Facebook videos have been receiving a great deal of attention. Videos are easily watchable, entertaining, informative...

facebook updates

3 Facebook Updates You Should Know About

Within the last few weeks, Facebook modified their CPC model, updated their ad interface and introduced a new lead generation ad. We've broken down what exactly this means for your...

download Facebook videos

How to Download Facebook Videos – No Software Needed

As social media community managers, we work with organizations that communicate directly with the people they're impacting. Our clients and their supporters often share interesting photos and videos on their personal Facebook profiles....

essential marketing mediums

5 Essential Marketing Mediums for New Nonprofits

Marketing can be an uncomfortable subject for nonprofits. It’s not about selling things that people don’t need; it is an essential part of building your organization. The core goal of...

make an infographic

7 Tips to Make an Awesome Infographic

Data and facts are essential to a nonprofit but can be difficult for the average reader to dissect. Hard data tends to provide pretty dry reading material but that doesn’t...

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