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Young Women in Digital Marketing Conference 2018

Meetings, deadlines, presentations, oh my! Everyone knows that feeling on a Friday afternoon and you can’t remember what you ate for lunch or if you actually did that ONE thing on...

5 Easy Ways to Engage with Your Digital Audience

Happy New Year (and happy surviving year-end fundraising)! So you just spent the past one to two months laser focused on revenue goals, response rates, and average gifts. You are...

Influence(her): Building Your Own Digital Brand

This week, a few Boston-based Media Cause ladies attended a workshop led by Inkhouse’s Co-founder and CEO, Beth Monaghan, on "Cultivating Your Personal Brand to Set Yourself Up for Success"....


Serving Up a “Better Ads Experience” in 2018

(Updated February 20, 2018) This month, the Coalition for Better Ads is rolling out a new voluntary initiative focused on improving the online marketplace and the overall digital user experience for...

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