Helping children learn crucial science skills for understanding the world

CuriOdyssey Persona Analysis & Website Refresh

CuriOdyssey needed a user-friendly website that connected with their target audience and conveyed the joy and curiosity of the children they serve.

First, we surveyed CuriOdyssey's email list to learn what motivates and inspires their community members to get involved and donate. Then, we layered qualitative data on our findings by completing in-depth interviews with long-time donors, supporters who had never donated, board members, and staff. This data was combined with demographic insights to craft five target personas that represented their target audience, along with unique content to engage with these personas. This comprehensive discovery phase served as the creative and strategic foundation for a website re-design process that modernized CuriOdyssey's look and feel while making the user experience delightful and fun.

  • CuriOdyssey

Communication Strategy, Custom Development, Iconography, Information Architecture, Persona & Content Analysis, Website Design, Wireframing.

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