How Creative Content Drives SEO

Increasing Engagement through Design and Content

For most nonprofits, Google Ad Grants can be the strongest asset for digital marketing. Rainforest Alliance was already leveraging Google GrantsPro to capitalize on qualified traffic for email capture. The challenge was creating engaging content that a) online audiences are looking for b) increase engagement, and c) can drive email acquisition.

Using keyword research and insights from Google Analytics and AdWords, we identified species profiles as a strategic content theme. In examining which species and characteristics users had searched, we were able to inform what content would be most relevant for a species profile. For example, search volume was highest around jaguar _____ (###), jaguar ____ (###), and jaguar ______ (###). As we put the information around diet, habitat and ____ in front of our designer, creative ideas around infographic presentations began to emerge. In this case, kids and parents were the target audience. Stylizing the infographic for both the audience and the search terms makes this species infographic content a successful lead-capture tactic.

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