Creating a Digital Tool that Helps People Find Inclusive Play Spaces

The Play Brigade's Inclusive Play Website and Funding Pitch Deck

The Play Brigade came to Media Cause with a phenomenal idea to create a digital tool that helps people with disabilities, or families of them, find inclusive public spaces. We helped them conceptualize the idea, establish key features, define the appropriate user experience, visually articulate the concept and brand, and build out a pitch deck to acquire funding to support the build of the final product.

From messaging, to presentation outline, to full-page website comps we supported Play Brigade get closer to their mission to ensure that the built world includes everyone. We began the project by defining the issue and establishing the key needs of the site. Through market research and interviewing together we refined the site wireframes several times before we landed on an architecture that worked. Grounded by the Play Brigade brand, the visual direction for this project involved a small color and typeface exploration. The bulk of the project was defining the information architecture, user experience, and funders deck.

  • Play Brigade

Information Architecture, Persona & Content Analysis, User Experience, Website Design, Wireframing.

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