Patient Recruitment Strategy Increases Arthritis Research Program by 267%


Case Study: CreakyJoints

We partnered with CreakyJoints to build a digital patient recruitment strategy for Arthritis Power, a patient-powered arthritis research network. In order to optimize their landing pages for patient recruitment, we revamped the network’s lengthy registration process – making it easier for patients to sign up for research studies.

As part of our digital strategy, we ran ads across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google Display to drive registrations. We created and tested a variety of landing pages to optimize for conversions. We also developed an automated email series that converted leads and nurtured new users.

Our work grew the user base to 11,000 total members, fulfilling the project’s patient recruitment goal one year ahead of schedule.

Digital advertising

Landing page optimization

Email nurturing

Within 5 months, we enrolled over 9,000 patients into CreakyJoints’ arthritis research registry. We grew the user base to 11,000 total members, fulfilling the project's recruitment goal with PCORI one year ahead of schedule.


New users enrolled living with arthritis


Program membership growth


Decrease in acquisition costs


Captivating Words & Images

Powerful work deserves powerful communications. Copywriting, infographics, email headers, landing pages—the list goes on—all help you move communities toward organizational goals.

Multi-Touchpoint Campaigns

Momentum matters. When we need supporters to take action, we strive to meet them where they are—on their twitter feed, in their inbox or chatting with their friends.

Track Everything

Tracking digital efforts provides a clear path to optimizing and prioritizing next steps. It can take a minute to set up, but is always, always worth it.


  • Within 5 months, we enrolled over 9,000 patients in CreakyJoints’ research registry, growing the program to over 11,000 members and hitting our goals a year early.

Here are some big numbers.


Quality leads acquired


Lead conversion rate


Member registration conversion rate

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