Driving Email Acquisition Through Google Ad Grants


Case Study: diaTribe

Nonprofit email growth can be difficult for many clients, but it doesn’t need to be. diaTribe has been a Media Cause client since May 2014. An integrated digital strategy led to record email acquisition numbers — focused on producing, gating and promoting content around high-volume keywords. Our goal was to convert 10,000 Google Ad Grants-referred visitors into diaTribe subscribers between June and December 2015. Our strategy consisted of three parts:

Brand discovery

Landing page and website optimization

Community growth

From June to December 2015, diaTribe acquired 20,000+ new emails.


New subscribers per month from Google Ad Grants


Average conversion rate


Increase new monthly new subscribers

Our work with Media Cause has been absolutely invaluable in helping us expand our organization’s reach and positively impact the lives of more people with diabetes.

Alex Wolf, Program Manager, diaTribe


Discovery & Analysis

Before we can achieve a client’s goals, we need to know the lay of the land. Our discovery process allows us to assess existing efforts, successes, and opportunities before we dive in.

User Experience

If all of the details come together perfectly, a user feels taken care of. Promoting trust and inspiring action from the smallest detail to the biggest message moves missions.

Build & Engage Communities

Our clients need help to change the world. Getting the right supporters on their side, and keeping them involved with the mission is critical to creating impact.


  • Discovery & Analysis

    In an effort to determine best audiences for diaTribe, we sought to better understand the search landscape. This required in-depth keyword analysis that included an examination of audience interest in topics closely related to diaTribe’s mission. We wanted to learn what target audiences were searching for online and had the least competition to not only drive traffic to relevant content, but to do so at the lowest cost.

  • User Experience

    Based on our research, we provided recommendations for landing pages and gated content. As individuals searched targeted keywords, the ad would appear in relevant search results. With tested and optimized ad copy, we were able to drive highly relevant traffic to the three custom landing pages that prompted an email signup in exchange for access the free diaTribe resources.

  • Build & Engage Communities

    After an existing campaign audit, we implemented updates to reflect content updates. Keywords and ad language were aligned to that of the landing pages to ensure a high quality score and the best possible ad ranking within Google’s search results. A continual review of clicks, CTR, conversions and conversion rates allowed us to focus budget on keywords and corresponding ads that were driving qualified conversions for diaTribe.


Targeted content works.

Email subscribers from Ad Grants alone shot up from less than 30 per month to around 3,000 per month. Over a seven month period, the tested and optimized landing pages resulted in 142,564 website visits, 19,506 new subscribers, and an average conversion rate of around 14% across campaigns.

Based on these results, we’ve since expanded the reach of these high performing landing pages, promoting them across digital channels including email as well as paid and organic social media.

Here are some big numbers.


Website Visits


Average Conversion Rate


New Subscribers

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