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Nonprofit Social Media Strategy Can Learn from Team USA

In the hype of World Cup fever and Team USA advancing out of the group stage, there’s a lot that nonprofit social media strategy can learn from Team USA’s success. A nonprofit social media strategy is a lot like Team USA’s strategy to win: teamwork, clear communication and a great mindset to win games.

You know the saying “no excuses, play like a champion?” Well that’s sort of like your nonprofit social media strategy. Nonprofits typically have a lack of resources or accessibility to them. No matter what resources your organization may have – no excuses – make the most of them. If you are lacking time or content, find ways to cut time or repurpose a blog.

Nonprofits are the underdogs at times much like the Team USA. No matter what odds are against you, make the most out of what you have and put the best work forward. That being said, there are 3 lessons your nonprofit’s social media strategy can learn from Team USA.

1. There Is No “I” In Team

Nonprofit social media strategies should not be just about you. It’s about the community and who’s in it. Engage with your “team” and interact not just broadcast your news. Supporters are more willing to communicate with you if you’re communicating with them. Put the community first, not the organization.

2. Be Strong Communicators

Have a strong voice and use it well. Miscommunication on the field can cost you, and so can an unclear communication plan. Nonprofits need a strong clear voice. One of the biggest flaws in nonprofit social media strategies is not having clear messaging. Sending mixed messages will devalue your nonprofit’s brand and cost you potential supporters. Lastly, it’s important to have strong messaging across all platforms, as well as being a human. No one wants to support, donate, or help a nonprofit that looks like a robot. Have a voice, even when using automation.

3. Avoid Yellow Cards and Learn from Your Mistakes

When a ref gives you a yellow card, don’t go looking for a red card. It’s important to take a step back and reevaluate what you just did. If you receive negative feed back, learn from it and fix it. Don’t continue to make the same mistake and upset your community, which may ultimately result in losing followers or fans. Listen to what your community is saying and adjust accordingly.

Lastly, when in doubt, sub in Will Ferrell.

nonprofit social media strategy

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