OPENING: Nonprofit Marketing Agency Washington D.C. Office

On August 1, Media Cause opened our 3rd office on S Street in Washington DC. Right now the coffee is flowing, our sleeves are rolled up and we’re ready to get to work! The momentum of dissent is palpable in this city. Everywhere people are organizing, rallying, and fighting for progressive causes. This excitement ranges from environmental justice and protection to democratic inclusion and so many other landmark issues.  We understand that nonprofit organizations are looking for a different kind of partnership to help create success through digital marketing. We like to think of ourselves as digital marketing experts for the good guys. If you are looking for an extra hand running campaigns or an overhaul of your fundraising strategy, Media Cause is designed to help nonprofit organizations thrive. You searched, “nonprofit marketing agency Washington DC”. You found us, now let’s get to work.

Media Cause opens new office in Washington D.C.

We are committed to growing your impact

We’re designed to help nonprofits grow their impact through digital marketing and technology. Media Cause has always, and will always, be committed to the organizations and people trying to make the world a better place. In the past year, the discourse has been visceral, the tone dire, with fear and misdirection (let’s just call it lies) being the primary communication strategies by those who don’t share these values with us. But during this same time, we see hope and opportunity. Organizations are committing more resources to fulfilling their missions online and the communities they serve, are in turn, self-organizing, donating, and advocating for those great organizations fighting the good fight. A perfect storm of an engaged base and the technology to mobilize is happening. Our team of online organizers, digital marketers, designers, and techies are here to accelerate your growth and impact immediately.

Your community is waiting

We are right here with you. A billionaire with a Twitter account became President.  It’s time your organization uses the same digital platforms to fight. Whether you are looking for a new agency or just getting started, we know you Googled “nonprofit marketing agency Washington DC” because you are looking to make an impact during this moment. Drop us a line. We’re ready to get started!

Cody Damon

Cody Damon is a strategic communications advisor known best for his work creating high-impact communications for the social good sector. His career spans a variety of communication disciplines, working with organizations like (RED), NRDC, Thorn and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and dozens more, where he has architected and managed the implementation of large-scale digital marketing programs. He is based in Boston, where he champions new waves in digital marketing through entrepreneurship and technological innovation. An avid consumer of data, he specializes in turning analytics into sound digital communications strategies and identifying solutions for gaps in data. Cody loves working with organizations creating positive change within the world - whether it’s a local startup incubator or an international NGO - through smart, strategic communications poised for digital. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and holds a Masters in Global Communications, Public Sphere Theory from the American University of Paris. Cody holds various board and advisory roles and is especially interested in high-impact organizations with a global reach or scope.