Infographic: Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits

Eric Facas, founder of Media Cause and former Googler, calls Google Ad Grants “the single biggest missed opportunity in nonprofit marketing.”

Why? Because nonprofits that qualify for the program will receive up to $10,000 in Adwords advertising to promote their causes on Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits can help in spotlighting nonprofits’ initiatives to the world. It could also play a crucial role in reaching the core goals of many nonprofits: raising money, recruiting volunteers, drawing in supporters and inspiring change.

The visual below provides an overview of the key components of the program. Download Media Cause’s in-depth guide on Google Ad Grants for nonprofits for step-by-step instructions on making Google Ad Grants work successfully for your organization. Find out how to sign up for the program here.

Google Ad Grants for nonprofits infographic

Infographic created by Ambika Kandasamy, Lena Wenzhuo and Kerry Drapcho.

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