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How To Schedule Native Twitter Videos

You can now publish native Twitter videos! Instead of tweeting a YouTube link, you can now upload a video directly to Twitter and have it play automatically. 

If you’re like most organizations and are using a third party tool, you may be limited to uploading images only. Many third party tools like Social Studio, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite don’t support video uploads for Twitter. This limitation can be annoying, especially to highly efficient social media managers who want to re-purpose content like videos, because you have no choice but to upload the video on the day of.

Here’s a trick to schedule your video in advance using an unsupportive third party tool:

  1. This trick requires that you have already tweeted the video in the past. If not, publish it now.
  2. Find the video in your timeline and click on the date to open the tweet in the window:
    How To Schedule Native Twitter Videos- Step 1
  3. Right click the page and select View Page Source:
    How To Schedule Native Twitter Videos- Step 2
  4. You will see a lot of code. Do a CTRL + F for “amp.”
    How To Schedule Native Twitter Videos- Step 3
  5. Find the one that begins with https:// and copy that URL. For Common Sense Media’s video, the URL is You can double check you have the right link by opening it in your browser window. It should be the video you want to schedule:
    How To Schedule Native Twitter Videos- Step 4
  6. In your third party tool, draft the tweet you want to schedule in advance. At the end of your tweet, paste the URL.
    How To Schedule Native Twitter Videos- Step 5
  7. Schedule it! When your tweet is published, the video will publish with it:
    How To Schedule Native Twitter Videos- Step 6

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