google grant report on conversion by channel

How To Make A Useful Google Grant Report

The Google Ad Grant program is an amazing tool for nonprofits that are looking to increase traffic of highly targeted users to their website. The Grant program, which uses the Google Adwords platform,  can effectively target users searching for services, programs, and other content on your nonprofit’s website. Getting the most out of your $10,000 a month grant can sometimes be challenging for nonprofits. At Media Cause, our Google Grant experts look at very specific data points both on Adwords and Google Analytics to drive the best traffic, get the most users to take action, and ultimately maximizing the benefit of the monthly advertising dollars donated by Google.

We recently revamped our Google Grant Report using Megalytic. This is an awesome tool to create automated, visually compelling, and most of all, relevant reports. They use a widget-based format that allows you to create widgets, or data points, that are the most relevant to your organization. Media Cause came up with nine widgets that can provide you with very valuable data to collect and analyze every month to get the most out of your Google Ad Grant.

9 Useful Data Points For Your Google Grant Report

1. Campaign Performance – We pull the top 8 campaigns and examine any major traffic changes comparative to the previous month. Big spikes up or down could reveal a change in how your target audience is searching for your content.


google grant report on campaign performance



2. Monthly Spend – It is important to track your monthly spend and take notice of any dips. It is also very important (like in the account below) to know when you reach the $10,000 month budget cap. If you do this for two months in a six month period you are eligible to apply for the GrantsPro program which is $40,000 a month.


google grant report on spend

3. Google Ad Grant Traffic to Website – This is the “is it working” stat. Are you able to effectively drive users from an advertisement they saw on a Google search result page to your website. We look at this to make sure there is nothing surprising, then immediately jump down to widget 7 – landing page traffic.

google grant report on traffic


4. Google Analytics Conversions – This is our “why it matters” stat. Traffic, of course, is important, but unless those users are taking actions on your website that you are measuring, then it doesn’t really matter. At Media Cause, we are always more concerned with quality of quantity and defining audiences as tightly as possible. Over time quantity of traffic can be addressed with more content on your website, but you always want to make sure that the people you are bringing to your website are going to be landing on the exact type of page they are looking for or else they are going to have a bad experience and then that one opportunity that you had is lost.

google grant report on conversions

5. Goal Completions by Type – This is a deeper dive into which conversions exactly are resonating with your audience. What are the types of actions that are going to drive the most long-term value. We also look at this month over month to see how we might be able to improve the user experience on a particular landing page or conversion funnel to get more of the folks that are coming to your website to complete an action.

google grant report on conversion type


6. Google Ad Grant Traffic by Type – Google made recent changes to both the Adwords and Organic algorithm that gives preference to mobile friendly websites for users that are searching via a mobile device. If this chart is showing a desktop-centric distribution it might be a bigger sign that your website isn’t as mobile friendly as it needs to be.

google grant report on traffic type

7. Top Landing Pages – Maybe the most important widget we have. It tells us the amount of traffic going to very specific pages and what the conversion rate looks like on that page. This allows us to compare conversion rates and traffic side-by-side. If you have a page with a lot of traffic, but a low conversion it might mean improving the experience on that page. If you have a page with high conversion, but low traffic it could mean there needs to be more work done on keyword research for driving more users to that page.

google grant report on landing pages



8. Sessions by Channel – These final two widgets are to help explain the impact your Google Ad Grant has comparative to the rest of your digital marketing efforts. First, how much traffic was driven from the different sources in your digital marketing strategy.

google grant report on sessions by channel

9. Conversions by Channel  – Second how did that traffic perform toward your goals. At Media Cause, we pride ourselves in getting the most out of the channels that we manage. We always want to see the channels we manage have a higher percentage of goal completions than traffic.

google grant report on conversion by channel



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