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Google Ad Grant Account or Paid Adwords Account? Pros and Cons

Taking advantage of the Google Grants for nonprofits is no longer a secret in the nonprofit community.  As more and more nonprofit organizations dive into advertising their services with the free money from Google Ad Grant accounts, some are still wandering outside the door confused over the pros and cons of this seemingly tasty opportunity. Well we, at Media Cause, know exactly what all the hesitation is about. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons about opening a Grant account versus a paid account.

Google Ad Grant Account Pros

Free Money.

$10,000 is credited to your account every month to spend on the largest search engine in order to promote your nonprofit organization – that is a big deal. Whether to raise awareness or to attract potential donors, the amount of money allows us to get at least 5000 clicks to the destination webpage, if it’s well spent. Wonder why? Read on.

Even More Free Money.

Google rewards you for spending all of your grant! They recently reopened the Google Grants Pro program that lets qualified nonprofit organizations to upgrade their Grant accounts to a higher level with an increased budget of $40,000 per month. With your budget quadrupled, just close your eyes and let loose your imagination, – you now have an almost limitless universe of advertising to display your SEM ability. That said, you can use the money to do exactly what you did with the $10,000 every month because there is no raised bar in terms of advertising methods with the increased budget.

Specifically Mission Based Advertising.

You get the chance to spend all the money towards one thing: your mission. Sometimes less is more — the less you distract your promotion strategy from mimicking other commercial advertising, the more you clarify that you are a nonprofit organization that truly cares about the society and the world. From our observation, Google Grants grantees really know about what they are doing and are well respected for what they do, which makes their Grant account always perform successfully at any time being.

But is there anything you have to sacrifice with a Google Grants account? The answer is yes.

Google Ad Grant Account Cons

Fixed Maximum CPC

With a Grant account, you can only set your maximum CPC for your keywords at 2 USD — with a 10,000 USD monthly budget that’s 5000 clicks at maximum.  Sometimes this is more than enough needed, but sometimes it makes it challenging to compete with those national champions. For example, if you are an environmental protection Non-Profit and you want to target certain names of popular cities, you might be competing with Priceline or Expedia who are using paid accounts for their hotel bids with a higher maximum CPC.

Limited Network

You ads will only be shown on Google Search Network. Google Display Network is not part of the program despite the fact it provides a huge opportunity to advertisers who want to target those passive potential audience; neither are Google Search Partners. This is when having an external paid accounts step into the game. It gets you across the border as long as your ads in both accounts are well managed and don’t compete with each other.

One and Only domain For the Ads

When you set up your Grants account, the domain you used in the registration is going to be your one and only domain as you set up the accounts and write the ads later on. That means all your URL have to be within the same domain and any ads that do not qualify will be disapproved by Google. This is a rather strict policy because if you continue violating this rule, the chance is that your account might be suspended or removed from the Program.

Would you consider using a paid account to avoid all the restrictions? Tell us what you think in the comment field below…

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