Google Ad Grant Certified Professional Program Launches

You thought the Google Ad Grant was going to transform your digital marketing. You applied, were accepted, read or watched the how-to guides, and you struggled to get the value out of Google’s $10,000 a month gift.

You’re not alone. The Google Ad Grant program is a tremendous opportunity, but it is also one of the more complicated advertising platforms on the planet. Google Ads have been leveraged successfully by the private sector, in large part, because they have the expertise and experience working on the platform or the financial resources to go and hire an agency to manage their advertising budgets. That is a bit of an uphill climb for nonprofit organizations that rarely have Adwords-certified professionals on staff or the time and/or money needed to get up to speed or hire an agency.


Are you working with a Google Ad Grant Certified Professional?


Recently, Google announced the formation of a Google Ad Grant Certified Professional program. Media Cause is excited to be an initial member of this group that is dedicated to help nonprofits leverage their Google Ad Grant more effectively. As part of this program, Media Cause works directly with Google on scalable strategies nonprofits can implement to turn their $10,000 month grant into impact for their nonprofit.

As a Certified Professional we have an ongoing feedback loop with the Ads Grants team and the opportunity to participate in betas and experiments. This open communication channel also allows us to work with an elite group of other Google Ad Grant Certified Professional to share in best-practice tactics and offer new opportunities to unlock the potential of the Google Ad Grant program.


Get more out of your Google Ad Grant


Over the past eight years Media Cause has successfully helped hundreds of organizations build successful strategies for their Google Ad Grant. From helping disrupt the exploitation of children online to fundraising to save our national parks, Media Cause has used Google Ads to drive millions of visitors to nonprofit websites. More importantly, we have helped turn those visitors into impact by creating optimized landing pages, integrating email list capture and welcoming series, and developing a long-term plan to communicate with new supporters that come in from the Google Ad Grant program.

These strategies and successes we recognized with entry into The Google Ad Grant Certified Professional program.

Want to learn more about how Media Cause can help leverage your Google Ad Grant for more impact? Drop us a line. We’d love to chat!

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