Our approach to fundraising starts with us digging into the data to fully understand your goals, target audiences, IP status, and most effective platforms in order to develop a comprehensive multi-channel digital strategy that generates leads, converts prospects ready to give, and upgrades current donors.

We believe in empowering organizations by fostering data autonomy and transparency, becoming an integrated part of your team. And, we’ve been in your shoes — every member of our fundraising team sat in-house within at least one nonprofit organization.

Program Research, Insights, + Strategy

Before we craft your first appeal, we make it our mission to know everything about your organization’s goals, audience, and existing program. We’ll start by diving deep into your analytics, looking at your donor lists, past campaign performance, and current tech systems to establish benchmarks, extract insights, and develop strategies to nurture and grow your current base to help you raise the funds you need to execute your mission and grow your impact.

New Donor Acquisition + Donor Retention

Nurturing and retaining your core supporters is a critical component of fundraising success — but it’s not the only one. It’s vital to introduce new supporters to your mission to grow your base and expand your impact. We take a two-tiered approach to acquisition, recruiting both new leads and new donors, leveraging insights from your file to hone in on the key mindsets and characteristics of individuals and communities who have a high likelihood to give.

With these insights in mind, we’ll develop the strategies to attract and retain these new donors, and help transform them from one-time supporters into long-term advocates.

Monthly Giving Strategy

The data couldn’t be more clear: Monthly donors are among your most committed supporters, with an LTV of 6x more than a donor who gives with one-time gifts.

Building your monthly base is critical to remaining solvent and competitive in the current field — and we’ll work together with you to craft the right strategy to upgrade one-time donors to sustainers and make a compelling case for monthly support.

We harness the power of original creative, tried-and-true fundraising tactics, and automation to ensure we’re reaching out to the right cadre of donors at the right times to build, cultivate, and upgrade your monthly base — and grow the footprint your organization can have on the world.

Omni Channel Strategy + Content Creation

Getting a successful email campaign into inboxes is the final step in a complex process. What comes before this step—cleaning your CRM lists, managing your email service provider, crafting an air-tight strategy, developing templates, content, visuals, and messaging—is no less important. But this final activation is where these preliminary efforts pay high dividends, moving your audience to donate with compelling creative, proven tactics, and flawless execution. Once your campaign is launched, we’ll continually monitor its performance to optimize and adjust for the strongest results.

Digital Advertising: Creative + Execution

It’s critical to connect with your donors’ hearts and minds before you can connect with their wallets. That’s where compelling ideas, messaging, stories, tactics, and visuals come into play. Based on key insights about your organization, your audiences, and your issue ecosystem, we’ll concept and execute fundraising campaigns from designing all relevant campaign assets needed to launch a multi-channel campaign, to individual social ads, static and animated banners, videos, and landing pages.

Cultivation, Engagement, + Stewardship

A core of committed, small-dollar donors is a crucial component of every healthy fundraising program. But what about the supporters with the capacity to do more for your mission?

You must identify the cadre of donors best positioned to upgrade to mid-level support, of above $1,000 per year. How do we do this?

With special, branded mid-level programs. With exclusive offerings. And with a blend of science and art that looks to tailored messaging, custom ask strings, donate page optimization, and careful cultivations to draw a deeper connection to your work and mission.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

We’ll help you identify your most ardent evangelists, and help recruit them to fundraise for your cause — amplifying your message, introducing new people to your work, and raising funds that can change the world.

We’ll supply you with the materials, messages, and collateral you need to support lucrative, impactful peer to peer campaigns, whether it’s a Facebook Fundraiser, a Classy page, or any other method we can dream up, together.

Reporting + Analysis

Reporting and analysis is central to any fundraising strategy. We look at data with two things in mind: Metrics that help us diagnose and optimize in the short-term, and metrics that tell us whether our efforts are bearing success over the longer-term. We have standardized report views that can be modified based on what you would like to see included. Moreover, because our teams are close to the execution of campaigns as well as the inception of creative, our analysis provides immediate actionable insights. Lastly, your team will have the same level of access to all reporting that our team has. We believe strongly that you have complete data autonomy.

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