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Digital Design Trends for Nonprofits in 2014

If you plan on launching a new website for your nonprofit, these are a few digital design trends that your nonprofit should pay attention to!

1. Flat design

Since Apple ditched skeuomorphism when it launched iOS7, flat UI design has been more popular. According to Shutterstock’s data, downloads of flat design elements increased by 200 per cent over the past year. The concept behind flat design is simplicity. Simple visual design lets your audience focus more on your nonprofit’s cause.

Take a look at TAKE THE WALK’s website and see how they use simple flat icons to make all the information simple and clear.

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2. More scrolling

Take a look at how Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram are managing their pages. They are just a few examples of continuous and infinite scrolling that make you procrastinate. So these are definitely something to keep in mind when you design your nonprofit website.

RED uses scrolling to make their website more interesting.

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3. Human face

When people look at websites especially nonprofits, they want to see something authentic, something that catches their attention and makes them want to stay on the site for longer. This means the first job of your website is to emotionally align the visitors with your cause. By using authentic images like human faces, the site reminds people of your cause – “we care about human beings.”

Too Young To Wed website uses tons of authentic images to grab people’s attention.

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4. Calls to action

When you design your nonprofit website, make sure you highlight “how to get involved” and “donate options”. Call to action is always important for the nonprofit digital world.

Take a look at Thorn’s website and see how they give action options for people and how they use red to highlight “join us” option.

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5. Video insert

Video is a great medium for visual storytelling especially for nonprofits, and has been growing in popularity with nonprofits over the past few years. People get bored when they see a text-heavy website, so, inserting video not only helps your visitors stay longer on the page, but also provides visual entertainment for people while conveying the information.

Invisible Children’s website inserts different videos to show what they do.

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