Facebook Ads

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook’s Audience Network: Should I use it?

Creating Facebook ads and understanding where to place them can be daunting. Should you use mobile, desktop, Facebook's Audience Network, etc.? In the past, the Audience Network  had not been very effective....

Instagram Ads

How to Create Instagram Ads

Instagram ads have arrived! Instagram has officially released access to Instagram ads to all accounts– and they're pretty easy to setup. What’s awesome is that Facebook (parent company) integrated Instagram ads within Ads...

facebook updates

3 Facebook Updates You Should Know About

Within the last few weeks, Facebook modified their CPC model, updated their ad interface and introduced a new lead generation ad. We've broken down what exactly this means for your...

Image courtesy of Flickr user jetheriot (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jetheriot/4925367170/)

3 Tips for Nonprofit Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook's Ad platform is an incredible tool for nonprofits. With its advanced targeting features, you can get plenty of insight on segmenting and delivering relevant information to your nonprofit's Facebook...

Making the Case for Nonprofits and Facebook Ads

There are countless ways a nonprofit can grow its Facebook community. Running Facebook Ads is the smartest and most efficient way to gain supporters for your nonprofit on Facebook. First, let’s...

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