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nonprofit website engagement

5 Keys to Nonprofit Website Engagement

Ever notice how websites today all look the same? Many resemble stock templates -- a hero image, some copy, and a call to action (CTA) are the first things you...

A/B testing forms with gravity forms

A/B Testing Forms using Gravity Forms

A/B testing of landing pages, sometimes referred to as split testing, is one of the many strategies we use to optimize landing pages for conversions. In short, we create two (or more) versions...

online giving

How to Double Online Giving in Six Months

It's no secret that more and more nonprofit donations take place in today’s digital landscape. The question is how can causes ensure their online storefront is both open for business and...

How to Use Classy.org with WordPress

If you -- like many of our clients -- are using Classy.org's fundraising tool and are in need of a way to share information on your website, you have come to the...

nonprofit website launch

11 Resources for Launching a Nonprofit Website

Think of your website as your organization's 'home'. Visitors may get to you through social media, email or AdGrants, and when they do, it must be crystal clear who you are and what...

google analytics

Google Analytics PHP Server Side Tracking

Most of us tend to use Google Analytics with JavaScript for a simple and effective way of tracking our users interactions. However there are times where we need to do...

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