Australia Fires: How You Can Help

Like you, we are deeply concerned about the alarming reports related to the Australian bushfires. The fires have been blazing since September and are expected to worsen. There are still...

Why Media Buying Should Be A Three-Way Conversation

The next time you’re hiring a digital media agency to support your nonprofit’s objectives, ask this question: “Will you let me sit in on the conversations you have with the...

Thursday Thinky: Effectiveness, Impact & Strategy

For this week's edition of our Thursday Thinky, we took a slightly different approach. We chose four campaigns from the last year and looked at them through the lens of effectiveness....

Year-End Fundraising 2019 Wrap Up

Happy New Year! Overall, it was a good year. Let’s take a look back at economic trends, how that impacted 2019 year end giving, and then on to the fun stuff...

New Year, New You?

Welcome to 2020! I know. It’s already here. And we already know it’s going to be wild. You likely just survived some awkward political conversations around the holidays, so we...

Thursday Thinky: New, Naughty & Nice

If you're reading this, you made it into a new decade! Let's start the 20's on a familiar note, with the first Thinky of the year. We have innovating takes on...

How to Set Up Email Segmentation in Luminate

There are many reasons to segment your audiences, from improving email performance, open rates and audience retention to improving the subscriber experience. When done correctly, list segmentation gives you an...

Always A Season of Giving Back

Every day, we go to work to turn intent into impact and further the missions of the organizations we’re fortunate enough to partner with. But it’s more than just words...

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