A Volunteer’s Perspective: Worldwide Community

We are constantly amazed here at Media Cause by the incredibly talented pool of volunteers that generously donate their time and skills to our community of nonprofits. Himanshu Dadhich is one of those community members.

Himanshu, based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, is an Analytics Manager at Euro RSCG and also Google Analytics Certified. Since signing up to volunteer with Media Cause over a year ago, Himanshu has successfully completed challenges for over 16 nonprofits, tracking with Google Analytics, websites optimization, Google Grants, and SEO audits. We have asked Himanshu to share a few of his experiences and insights about volunteering with Media Cause to show what our community is all about and inspire others to join in!

How did you find out about Media Cause and why were you interested in volunteering?

Himanshu: Well, it’s an interesting story. I was searching for some information regarding NGOs here in India and was trying to research ways to get involved in volunteering and I ended up on the Media Cause website. What a perfect journey, I found exactly what I was looking for. Though it is not based in India, volunteer work and NGO/NPO are not limited by boundaries, which is the same message I got  from Media Cause where everything was built to help organizations worldwide. I registered the same day and have been volunteering with Media Cause for 1 year and 4 months!

It gives me immense pleasure to work as a volunteer, I feel volunteering comes more out of love and a desire to help others. I really feel joy when I am able to use my knowledge to help organizations solve problems.

Can you tell us about some of the challenges you have worked on?

Himanshu: It’s been more than a year since I began my relationship with Media Cause and I have worked on challenges that range from web analytics and SEO to auditing a website and optimizing Google Grants. I have given feedback, suggestions, and tips to optimize websites and use of social media. For me each challenge was unique and I really enjoyed volunteering, and look forward to continuing to do so in future.

What is your most memorable Media Cause moment?

Himanshu: I really enjoyed being a part of the Media Cause community, each and every interaction excites me, whether it’s a “Thumbs Up”, Awards, or just a new project. I love participating in the community and it really sparks me to boost my volunteer instinct.

What advice would you give others about volunteering with Media Cause?

Himanshu:  I would strongly recommend others join Media Cause as it is the perfect platform where you get a chance to excel your skills, from online marketing skills to social media marketing to SEO. The best part about Media Cause is the community and the people. Everyone is so kind and dedicated to help you get going, be it the management or the other community members.

You’ll get really exciting opportunities to showcase your skills, participate in Job Auditions, a chance to work with Google Grants (which will help you gain expertise in PPC) and social media, etc. You will not be disappointed!

What tip(s) would you give to nonprofits looking to make the most out of their online marketing strategy?

Himanshu: First of all, I would like to welcome them to Media Cause! It is a great place and one stop solution where they can rely on volunteers and their skills. A perfect place to make things happen in a social way.

The other tip I would like to give them is to educate themselves about the current technologies and the process involved before taking it to a next level. I know that a person from non-technical background might find it a bit difficult at first, but being aware of what is going to be done matters a lot. Check other volunteers’ Media Cause profiles and other social profiles to get more background on the person volunteering for your organization.

If you post a Google Grant challenge, please schedule your dates carefully and always give a room of 30 to 45 days if you are planning an event or promotions with fixed deadlines. Google Grants take manual verification and activation can take some time. You may end up in a mess if you haven’t planned ahead.


To find out more about Himanshu Dadhich, check out his Media Cause profile, look for him on LinkedIn, or follow him on Twitter: @18thTweet

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