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9 Tips For Nonprofit Social Media Content Marketing

Content marketing can be intimidating, especially for organizations that don’t have extensive teams or networks of content creators.

If the term “content marketing” evokes images of staff stuck on an assembly line, writing hundreds of blog posts and designing thousands of graphics to use on social media, take solace in knowing there’s an easy way to tackle the work. The notion that content creation takes hundreds of hours of work is one of the biggest myths in nonprofit social media marketing.

Nonprofit Content Marketing

9 Tips For Nonprofit Content Marketing Success

The nine tips below offer a simple and effective plan for nonprofits to generate content for their social media streams:

1. Find creative ways to use existing content

2. Use free social media and research tools

3. Partner with content producers

4. Experiment and test new ideas constantly

5. Use listening devices

6. Use the same content on multiple platforms

7. Take risks

8. Target and hyper-target content

9. Repurpose everything

Want to see all of this in action? Check out Media Cause’s social media platforms and see this post come to life:

Cody Damon

Cody Damon is a strategic communications advisor known best for his work creating high-impact communications for the social good sector. His career spans a variety of communication disciplines, working with organizations like (RED), NRDC, Thorn and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and dozens more, where he has architected and managed the implementation of large-scale digital marketing programs. He is based in Boston, where he champions new waves in digital marketing through entrepreneurship and technological innovation. An avid consumer of data, he specializes in turning analytics into sound digital communications strategies and identifying solutions for gaps in data. Cody loves working with organizations creating positive change within the world - whether it’s a local startup incubator or an international NGO - through smart, strategic communications poised for digital. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and holds a Masters in Global Communications, Public Sphere Theory from the American University of Paris. Cody holds various board and advisory roles and is especially interested in high-impact organizations with a global reach or scope.