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7 Tips to Make an Awesome Infographic

Data and facts are essential to a nonprofit but can be difficult for the average reader to dissect. Hard data tends to provide pretty dry reading material but that doesn’t have to be the case. An Infographic is a great tool for your nonprofit. Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data,” infographics are eye-catching and are much easier for readers to process than long blocks of text. Though traditionally used to visualize data, they can be utilized for a variety of things from explaining the intricacies of your organization to displaying your successes or spending patterns.

Creating infographics can be a little intimidating so we’ve thought of 7 tips to make an awesome infographic explained within an infographic.

7 Tips to Make an Awesome Infographic

If you’d like more tips or links to free and low cost ways to make infographics, check out this article.

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