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6 Tips to Create an Eye-Catching Info Image for your Nonprofit

A key component of nonprofit digital marketing is using eye-catching visuals on social media to engage your audience and attract new supporters. Use our infographic below to create an eye-catching informational image for your nonprofit! Check out our other infographics for quick and easy nonprofit digital marketing and social media tips and tricks!

Nonprofit Infographic

1.) Keep your headline (primary info) noticeable by using different colors, weights and making it all caps

If you are trying to emphasize something (eg. Headline, title) from the rest of the text, you can do bold, caps, small caps, size, color and italics.

Medium weight fonts are very effective in terms of legibility and readability for body copy, while bold is more appropriate to headlines and/or small portions of copy that should stand out from the rest.

2.) Use italics or smaller size for your secondary information

The length of a line affects readability because reader’s eyes become fatigued if it has to repeatedly read long lines of text.

This is why newspapers and magazines are often split up into columns of text. A good measure for a single column of type is 40-50 characters (including spaces).

3.) Use a simple icon to emphasize your point

For this info image above, we added a simple thumbs up icon to emphasize our point.

4.) Add proper social media icons to let people know which category they are looking at

By adding social media icons, you give a clear direction for people to refer to. Use our nonprofit photo license guidelines to search and find social media icon images (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.) and add them to your info image. But keep their colors unified so you have a continuous image system!

5.) You can add additional elements to make your info image more eye-catching and interesting.

In the infographic, we used a ribbon element in the upper left to make the image more eye-catching. Alternatively, you can other shapes and/or lines to help break up empty space and make your infographic eye-catching and interesting!

6.) Last, but not least – don’t forget to add your logo!!

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147 Natoma Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 938-6398

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1436 U Street NW, Suite 400. Washington, DC 20009 (202) 301-5007


800 Battery Ave SE, Suite 100,
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170 Milk Street, 5th Floor
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