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4 Reasons You Should Use Google AdGrants’ Location Extension Upgrade

Google’s location extension upgrade is now available for all AdWords users. This new location extension upgrade is one of Google’s many great features for nonprofit organizations, and allows businesses to link their Google My Business account directly to their Google AdWords account.
This upgrade enables the a more dynamic view for your Google search ads; one that allows consumers to see the physical location of your nonprofit. Among other things, this leads to better informed purchasing/donating actions based upon the location information consumers see on the ad. We encourage every nonprofit business to take advantage of this feature for the following reasons:

1. Location Demand Is Here

According to Google’s research, 88% of consumers search for local business information. That means that, despite all the ongoing privacy complaints, people are still willing to sacrifice some personal information, as long as they get something in return (i.e. location-specific search results). Furthermore, half of consumers who search for local business information are on-the-go when searching. These consumers are depending on you to direct them where they need to go. This means that your nonprofit’s location-based ads can literally steer your potential donors’s driving wheel, converting passers-by into visitors. This leads to our second reason – conversions.

2. Extremely High Conversion Rate

Research shows that 18% of location-based smartphone searches lead to a purchase within one day. This proves that consumers are purchasing items at stores or events close to thier location. You as the advertiser can save time and capitalize on this fact by triggering location-based steps. For example, a nonprofit hosting a community event can increase its AdWords conversion rate by strategically targeting an audience closer to the community event location. We’ve used the same location-based targeting strategy on social media.

3. It’s All About Branding

Setting up a location extension feature will help build your organization’s image. With location-specific advertisements, your organization will build its brand name in your given location. Using Google My Business and Google+, followers can also retrieve important information like reviews of your organization and more Google+ features. Using location-based advertisements can help your nonprofit build more credibility with your local community than local competitors.

4. Help Followers Establish Purchasing Habit

When consumers get used to seeing your organization’s information based around their real-time, location-based searches, your organization will be at the top of the mind, when your supporter goes to another location, or is asked to recommend your organization. For example, if you’re a blood-donation organization, and your follower’s friend in another location asks for a recommendation, your organization’s advertisements will help remind your followers to recommend your organization.

In terms of nonprofit marketing, nonprofit engagement, nonprofit community building and nonprofit organization loyalty, this small ad extension could provide an enormous ROI.

Have questions on how to integrate the upgraded location extension feature for your nonprofit’s AdGrant account? Comment below and feel free to tweet us @mediacause or better yet, drop us a line on Google+

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