3 Essential Google+ Features for Nonprofits

If your nonprofit isn’t on Google+ yet, it should be. The social platform is growing at an exponential rate and will soon surpass Facebook as the most widely used form of social media. The number of active users on Google+ has grown to 359 million monthly active users since Google first launched the social site in 2012.

Creating a Google+ page for your nonprofit can bring traffic to your main website, raise awareness for your fundraising campaigns, and generate engagement with a broad audience. Below are three features of the Google+, and ways your nonprofit can effectively utilize them.

1. Circles

Circles are the core feature of Google+ and enable your organization to add people to a group and share content within the circle. Using the Circles feature your organization can tailor and target your message to your different audiences: volunteers, donors, and clients. You can organize your circles based on unique interests, geographical location or donation history.

2. Events

Google+ allows you to share your fundraising events on your page. Volunteers can automatically link your event to their own Google Calendar. Anyone attending the event can share their own photos to a photo collection which can be useful when curating images for your organization website or blog.

3. Hangouts

To create a personal experience with Google+ your organization can hold exclusive meetups online using the Google Hangout feature. Hangout allows free video chat with up to ten people at a time. Use this feature for communicating with a group of volunteers or giving special thanks to VIP donors. The host of the hangout should be a part of your nonprofit’ team. This is a great opportunity for your volunteers and donors to foster a human connection with your nonprofit.

Google also offers “Hangouts On Air,” a similar video feature that allows you to broadcast live conversations that will be recorded and saved to your organization’s YouTube site. “Hangouts On Air” are capable of reaching a broader audience and are great for Q&A and educational sessions.

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