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Blogging is a invaluable tool for nonprofits for three reasons – blogs are a great opportunity for nonprofits to establish their voice as an industry leader, blog posts can drive significant traffic to a nonprofit’s website, and if you include relevant keywords to your blog posts, nonprofits can improve their rank in organic search.

Our blog strategy includes researching keywords for blog posts that will help boost SEO in the long-term; scheduling and writing blog posts on behalf of our clients; and working with your nonprofit’s employees to help you write great blog posts on your own. In the case of Thorn, it was important that their blog increased awareness for their cause, increase traffic to their new website traffic and improve the rank of their new website in Google’s organic search results.

Before we established Thorn’s new blog, we did some research on the top keywords for Thorn’s subject matter. After identifying over 50 keywords that would boost Thorn’s rank in Google’s organic search results, we used this information to develop a keyword-driven content calendar that would help improve their organic search rank in the long-term.

The next step involved working directly with Julie Cordua, Thorn’s executive director, to develop blog writing and publishing guidelines for writers, guest bloggers, subject matter experts and board members. We scheduled deadlines for the internal writers to submit posts, while simultaneously writing our own blog posts for Thorn. Over the next few months, this content would help establish Thorn’s voice as a leader in the fight against child sex trafficking.

Using Google Analytics, we tracked and analyzed all the traffic through Thorn’s website. Over the first month that the blog went live, we found that blog posts accounted for 23.5% of all Thorn’s website’s traffic. Furthermore, in a three month window, our blog posts for Thorn have been shared over 500 times on Facebook and over 200 times on Twitter.

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