Nonprofits Services

We Offer Two Types of Marketing Support

Nonprofit Marketing Agency

The internet and digital communications represent huge opportunities for nonprofits. By focusing on only one industry, we have developed an expertise in helping nonprofits grow by the effective use of social media, email marketing, search marketing and digital content.

Our holistic approach to online marketing starts by attracting new supporters with beautiful websites and applications that inspire people to take action. By collecting emails as well as social media followers and continuously sharing useful and inspiring content we increase social engagement and cultivate a strong relationship. These communities can then be used to market events, membership, and programs. Once they reach a significant size, we develop special programs to generate revenue with corporate sponsorships, fundraising, contests, and special events.

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Nonprofit Marketing Volunteer Community

The Media Cause nonprofit marketing volunteer community consists of 1,000+ marketing experts in 20+ countries. They are happy to share a few hours of time to complete a Google Grants optimization, SEO audit, or share social media advice. Together, we have completed 500+ projects for nonprofits, including: World Medical Fund for Children, Free World U,, Gateway Pet Guardians, and hundreds more.

We’ve created this online community in partnership with micro-volunteer pioneers, which makes it’s really easy to participate. Join the community today and post projects or challenges for our volunteers. They’ll respond directly to your online projects so that you can begin working together or simply provide the advice that you’re looking for.

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