Announcing New Hubspot Nonprofit Marketing Partnership

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We are pleased to announce our latest nonprofit marketing partnership with inbound marketing leader Hubspot.

In the coming month we will be working with the Hubspot Nonprofit Marketing team to help nonprofits better leverage their Google Ad Grants. Hubspot has been a pioneer in the inbound marketing space and has developed an extremely robust marketing software that is perfectly suited for nonprofits.

How can nonprofits benefit from this partnership?

The Google Ad Grants program is one of the most valuable tools available to nonprofits, because it solves for a fundamental problem. It attracts very targeted users to your website. With a $10,000 grant available every month for nonprofits to use on AdWords, these Google Ad Grants should be a part of any nonprofit’s digital strategy.

So now you have an increase in traffic – great! Now what? The key to success with Google Ad Grants is to send users to highly relevant pages with content that satisfies their search query. For example, if someone is searching for “bird song identification”, then you are going to want to send them to a page where they can find information on that topic. They should not go to your homepage –

This is the beauty of Hubspot. You can create simple landing pages like the one below that satisfy your new website visitor and give the opportunity to build your email list.

Google Ad Grants and Landing Pages

For years, Media Cause has worked on this basic list-building strategy. It works! Why? The nonprofit sales cycle takes week, months, sometimes longer. A person is not going to donate to your organization the first time they are exposed to it. Alternatively, they will give an email address to continue learning more IF you have satisfied that first need.

How well does this work? The landing page above collected 219 emails last month from 467 visitors (47% conversion rate!). Our client, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, has dozens of landing pages created on the Hubspot platform. In any given month, from just their Google Ad Grant, they can collect 2,000 – 3,000 new emails from highly targeted users that are within their target audience. That comes out to about 30,000 new emails every year.

Sound appealing? Shoot us a note. We would love to talk about how this basic strategy can be adapted to your nonprofit.

Already on Hubspot? Even better. Drop us a line to get started immediately.

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